IC3 Digital Literacy

IC3 Digital Literacy is the foundation
Information Technology.

Exam Vouchers:

GHS: 170 | NAD: 300 | USD: 25

IC3 Digital Literacy Certification is a stackable credential that validates each learner’s level of proficiency, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced. It measures seven major domains that are essential to success. It aligns with multiple international standards to ensure it is the most comprehensive solution available. The newest version, Global Standard Six, focuses on competency; allowing students to enter at the appropriate skill level and exit with mastery.

Global Standard Six comprises three levels that embody several high-quality assessment strategies focused on validating achievements in learning. The new structure allows learners to experience the connections between competency levels. This comprehension-based model means the certifications are stackable, making implementation of Global Standard Six customizable to the learner’s needs.

  • Level 1 certifies that candidates KNOW the foundational concepts of each competency area.

  • Level 2 certifies candidates’ ability to DO by demonstrating their efficacy across digital environments safely and securely.

  • Level 3 certifies candidates’ ability to LEAD by demonstrating skills related to managing systems and processes, solving problems, and providing guidance.

Online Training

Duration: 6 Weeks
Course includes:

  • Study guide

  • Online login portal


  • Internet access

  • Desktop or Laptop or Tablet

Total Cost:

NAD: 3000 | GHS: 1700 |

Face To Face Training

Duration: 6 Weeks
Course includes:

  • Hard copy study guide


  • None

Total Cost:

NAD: 3000 | GHS: 1700